Security Windows

Our Patent Applied for sash security windows have triple glazed laminated security glass and three individual locks and panes that can’t be removed, making them impossible to break open. These Security Windows are made from stainless steel clad in Extreme Durable MDF and are bolted into the walls on all sides. The active sash has 2 FIAM locks and a sash fastener. The Security Windows can be locked in 4 positions: fully closed or open for ventilation at 100mm, 125mm and 150mm.

Like our security doors, they’re built with the same incredible style, attention to detail and high-grade materials, with choices available when it comes to colour and finish. They open and close effortlessly but are resistant to every form of assault, easily able to withstand crowbars, screwdrivers, drills and even bullets.

Our burglar proof units consist of 11mm laminated glass, 6mm gap and then a 7mm sheet. Whilst our bulletproof model has 25mm of laminated glass – enough to stop a 9mm bullet at close range.

Every one of our security windows is made individually to order, assembled and rigorously tested in our dedicated factory before delivery. The design can be modified to meet the precise requirements of your project in terms of size, frame style and the level of protection you require. We can also create bespoke Security Windows
for individual projects – for example, making arched windows and round windows to fit into apertures of any size.

Conservation areas are no problem either – we can replicate any existing sash window, right down to the tiniest detail. So precisely, in fact, that nobody could ever tell that you have installed new Security Windows

All of this means that Magnificent Security windows provide a totally secure, cosy, thermally efficient and soundproofed interior for your home or business. Far from making your precious home look like a fortress, these amazing Security Windows not only look fabulous but will ensure that no unwanted visitors come calling.


We have manufactured bespoke Security Windows designs in the past and also have a selection of high-level designs available that can be accessed below.


Please take a look at a sample of AutoCAD drawings for bespoke Security Windows we have produced.


EDM, painted – 1 year (50 year warranty against exposure)

Mechanical locks – 3 years
Window ironmongery – 1 year finish, 10 years mechanism
Metal steel structure for security window and frame – 10 years

Glazing – 1 year
Installation – 6 months