Security Doors

Magnificent Security GOLD

The Magnificent Security GOLD is our maximum security door, providing the ultimate in burglar resistance. Its unique and patented construction was created after extensive research followed by intensive testing.

Testers tried to break our security doors continuously for 77 minutes using crowbars, sledgehammers, cutting and drilling tools but were not able to break in. Following these tests, the Magnificent Security GOLD door was awarded security class 4.

The Magnificent Security Gold Door features:

• Armoured locks protected by two drilling-resistant manganese plates
• Main and additional locks installed in protective steel boxes.
• Hinge side: eight 16mm diameter locking bolts
• Lock side: six locking bolts, with two additional vertical bolts. Each bolt protected by a steel sleeve in the door frame.
• Combined door structure: grating, steel sheet and grating again.
• Double thermal insulation: a 3 cm layer of rock wool on both sides of the steel sheet provides excellent noise and thermal insulation.
• Exterior covered by finishing board, the colour and design of which can be selected from an extensive choice.
• The frame is fixed in the opening by 17 pins, protected by steel liners of 24 mm.

Magnificent Security PLATINUM

The Magnificent Security PLATINUM is our GOLD security door, reinforced internally and can incorporate bulletproof glass, if required, resulting in either a powerful handgun or automatic rifle bulletproof door. Blast-proof doors are also available.

Magnificent Security SILVER

Designed for a high risk of burglary, Magnificent Security SILVER security doors will protect your property from a thief using heavy-duty tools.

Deploying the same research and testing as our PLATINUM and GOLD, SILVER security doors also have excellent sound and thermal insulation and are suitable both for apartments and private houses, with materials suitable for indoor or outdoor conditions.

The Magnificent Security SILVER Door features:

• Door frame fixed in its aperture by 16 pins, protected from cutting by steel liners of 24 mm.
• Thermal insulation by rock wool or foam.
• Door leaf – special bent metal structure total width of the leaf 75 mm.
• Hinges with supporting bearings, covered with chrome-plated finishing caps
• Protective roll pins for door hinges
• Insulation seals
• Peephole
• Outside and inside door leaf finish
• Outside architraves
• Locks, one of which is protected by drill-resistant plate.

Magnificent Security BRONZE

Manufactured to meet all the demands of thermal and sound insulation, this can be an ideal high security door to be installed in domestic spaces. Its bent metal construction makes it highly resilient and durable, providing your home with a secure shield.

Finished to perfection, the door is made using a waterproof finish which provides it with sufficient protection from potential external damage and makes its highly durable. It has been constructed to retain its original appearance even after significant mechanical damage.

The Magnificent Security BRONZE Door features:

• Door leaf – special bent metal construction with 100% thermal insulation by two 50 mm rock wool sheets. Total width of the leaf is 75 mm. With a protective plate to prevent drilling of the lock.
• Two hinges with supporting bearings, covered with chrome-plated finishing caps.
• Protective pins for door hinges
• Insulation seals
• Additional resistant seal, if required
• Peephole
• Outside architraves
• Locks – options available, but no lower than 3rd security class
• Optional glazing – triple glazed laminated security glass.


Our engineers are available to create AutoCAD drawings of your bespoke designs, showing everything from the glazing to the millings. This ensures that you are fully involved in the design and sign-off process when creating the exact door you desire. We have included a selection of carving designs here, as well as options available to you regarding door ironmongery . When it comes to colours, we use the RAL Classic palette in 25% matt or 100% high gloss. The bespoke nature of our service means that if you see, for example, ironmongery or a colour you’d like that isn’t part of our standard offering, all you have to do is let us know.


ISO 9001. PAS 24. UK Loss Prevention Standards.

European Standards testing in Germany:
• Sound Insulation – 45db Rw (C;Ctr)
• Thermal transmittance – 1·5W (m2-K)
• Burglar resistance EN 1627:2011 – WK4 Class 4
• Burglar resistant glass EN 356 – P5A / P6B / P7B
• Opening and closing – 200,000 cycles
• Fire resistance – EI 45
• Bullet resistance EN 1522 – FB 4 / FB 6
• Resistance to wind – Class C3
• Air permeability – Class 3
• Water tightness – Class 1A


Metal steel structure for frame and leaf – 10 years
Installation – 6 months
Glazing – 1 year

EDM, painted – 1 year (50 year warranty against exposure)
Umidax, painted – 1 year (internal use only)
MDF, veneered – 1 year (internal use only)
Okoume Marine Plywood – 2 years (internal use),  14 days (external use)

Mechanical locks – 3 years
Motorised locks – 1 year
Door ironmongery – 1 year finish, 10 years mechanism