Here at Magnificent Security we have an expert team who between them have more than 20 years experience in the world of luxury doors. We are London based but have a client base which reaches right across the globe. Over the years we have built ourselves a reputation for reliability, expertise and trustworthiness, making us one of the leaders in our field of expertise.

Within our team we have experts who are true professionals in design, installation, engineering and overall security. We are now expanding due to the ever increasing demand for our products and are now offering access to millions more customers in both commercial and private sectors.


Magnificent Security offer the best quality, custom made doors on the market so when you buy our doors you can relax in the knowledge that they also offer the best possible security. We have brought together a team of security experts who have a wealth of experience between them and are the best possible people to create the best possible luxury security doors.
We firmly believe that experience and expertise goes hand in hand when it comes to creating top notch security products and we are very proud of the fact our team has an abundance of both.


Even though we produce the best security doors on the market we have not built our reputation on complacency and our doors are fully complemented by our exemplary range of windows.
As these are the statistically proven most common access points for intruders we have once again gone the extra mile by ensuring that not only will our windows ensure that all the weak spots in your home are completely eliminated but we have topped off the outstanding designs by including bulletproof glass.


Once the doyen of the rich and famous, the drop in cost of installing a panic room has caused a huge increase in demand and we are proud to offer panic rooms par excellence. Many new builds are seeing them included in the original designs and we excel in being able to provide you with a panic, or safe, room in your home irrelevant of age, style or layout.
Moving into this area was the next logical step for Magnificent Security as our top priority has always been the safety of our customers, and what better example is there of the ultimate home security product than a panic room?