Panic Rooms

Our Panic Rooms are constructed walls from floor to ceiling for structural continuity. Steel studs are used for our Panic Room walls and we brace them with reinforcing ties, then cover them with bullet resistant material such as Kevlar. We cover the bullet resistant material with sheetrock, tile or other decorative finishes. Resistant sheets are overlapped to ensure there are no weak points. Our Panic Rooms floors are concrete, whenever possible, and reinforced to allow for the added weight of the room.

Usually our Panic Room security doors are made from a double-core metal with a heavy deadbolt where the need for a key is eliminated. Security Doors are bullet-resistant with internal steel framing. We also use hardware that can provide substantial, secure locking.

We incorporate all necessary facilities such as wiring, plumbing and ventilation (evaluating the potential threat of poisonous gases) and build according to the threat. Sound insulation prevents attackers from hearing you, or you hearing them, and we incorporate the finest surveillance and computer equipment within the panic room.